This website is designed to be an introduction to, supplement to, and companion to the book 'THE FIRST AMERICAN REPUBLIC: 1774-1789
(The First Fourteen American Presidents Before Washington)'

About the Author: Thomas Patrick Chorlton 

Thomas Patrick Chorlton taught the American Presidency and the Politics of the American Revolution at the College of Charleston, the thirteenth-oldest college in America. It was founded in 1770 by Henry Laurens, the fourth President of the Continental Congress. The college was subsequently incorporated in 1785 by three Signers of the Declaration of Independence and three Signers of the United States Constitution.

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The previous decade, Tom taught history and government at the Lake Campus of Columbia College in central Missouri, including courses on the History of the American Revolution as well as Historical Research and Methods.

Tom received his Bachelor's degree in Political Science from St. Louis University in 1968. Following graduation, he served as a Peace Corps teacher in Kenya. Tom completed his Master's degree in Government Administration at Webster University in 1977 while employed as a Local Government Specialist with the St. Louis Area Council of Governments.

During 1975, Tom worked in Washington, DC on the staff of Congressman Melvin Price (D-IL), the Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee. From 1982-87, Tom served as the founding Executive Director of the National Association of Gay & Lesbian Democratic Clubs (the forerunner of today's National Stonewall Democrats). In 1988, Tom ran at-large for the Council of the District of Columbia.

For over 40 years, Tom traveled extensively across six continents from Khartoum to Kathmandu, Easter Island to the Arctic Circle.

As "the World's largest vegetarian," Tom was, above all, a passionate advocate of Animal Rights. He also delighted in live theatre, red wine and, of course, both old and new friends.

Tom and his best friend, Athens, lived in Folly Beach, South Carolina, only a short walk from the Atlantic Ocean.

I N   M E M O R I A M  

Thomas Patrick Chorlton / February 26, 1946 - January 5, 2014

When Tom passed away he left a legacy in his wake. He deeply touched the lives of many friends and students; even more, his work in politics created ripples that are still rolling throughout America to this very day. This book will shed light on a previously unknown chapter of American history for scholars, students, and history enthusiasts for generations to come.

You can read Tom's obituary here.


The two decades of research and writing that went into this book have truly been a labor of love. It is a humbling experience to finally bring these giants of early American history to life. I have tried my best to tell their remarkable stories. Now, it is for others to fill in the gaps.
- Tom Chorlton

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